In reference to my relationship with blogging.

It’s been a good long while—two and a half years, in fact. While I’m pretty ambivalent about Web 2.0 these days (and downright baffled by social media), I am still pretty keen on writing. Thing is, it was never the act of engaging with an audience that compelled me to dump my thoughts onto the web. Don’t get me wrong, I do like reading other people’s responses, but the main reason I like writing is because it’s inherently stimulating. It helps me organize ideas in my head. The reason I write on the internet is because keeping an audience in mind, even an imagined one, raises the stakes just enough for me to be thoughtful and diligent about what I write.

Simply put, I never lost my taste for the curatorial approach to online media. It’s a late 90s thing. So when I saw my little brother had begun his own blog (nawww), and that he had a post in which he presented his favourite game music, it sent my thoughts a-turnin’.

I have stolen his WordPress theme. I will hijack his topics. I will write again.

I am still enamoured by music in Shanghai, so I intend to plumb those depths again. I might even get around to writing that Pairs retrospective that I’ve been drafting for ages. But, inspired by one of my favorite online writers, I’m less fixated on the idea, even the value, of objectivity.

Hopefully it’s a little more sustainable.